Maria Marinescu
Maria Marinescu, Fashion Designer
Born into a family of artists, Maria’s destiny and future was as if obvious from the beginning of her childhood.
Her grandmother and mother being both actresses, she began at a very early age playing with clothes and costumes, dressing up around the house and always finding the right accessories to combine every outfit she would then imagine.
As a teenager growing up in California, she started to realize that fashion was the way  for her to express herself , her ideas, her moods and most importantly, bring out her personality.
After finishing Parsons in Paris and several internships in New York, she launched her first collection in 2003. Friends and family were there to support her and were very thrilled but most importantly, she got a good feedback from professionals and press after her first show.
Since then , Maria has travelled around the world, coming back everytime with new ideas for her collections . Her style has grown with her, bringing to life vaporous dresses, glittering jumpsuits, floral jackets, lace gowns and many more.  She’s constantly in search of new fabrics and prints ; each season is filled with novelty and stunning creativity.